Ko Per

Our traditional scarf is called Ko Per. In the winter we wear it around our necks to stay warm and in the summer we wear it on our heads to stay cool.


I came here to say goodbye to my friend. He is waiting at the International Organization of Migration (IOM) office for a medical check. Afterwards he will resettle in America.


This child is so curious.

Carrying Sand

These children are carrying sand to help their families build latrines.


The walls of our houses are built with bamboo. When the bamboo is green we cut and dry it. If there are a lot of bugs we soak the bamboo for a few days until it has a strong smell. Then we weave it into a wall.

Water Tank

This is where some of our water is stored.


These beautiful flowers grow around our school.


She was so excited on her special day.

Food on Head

This woman is selling fried chicken, meatballs and other snacks.


We depend on aid organizations like the Thailand Burma Border Consortium for food. Yesterday they brought rice, yellow beans and fish paste. Unfortunately rice prices have gone up dramatically and now there is less food to go around.

Traditional Dress

I want the world to see traditional Karen clothes. I want people to know that we have our own culture.


Her face is beautifully decorated with powdered tree bark. It also protects her from the sun.